11 October 2011

Infinate possibility

Next to my work station in my home office, I have St. Theresa's prayer posted. One of the most inspirational lines to me is,"may you never forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith". In doing my body/mind/spirit work I have come to many conclusions about expectation and how they are limiting because they cut possibility off at the knees. The things I cherish and desire in life are being woven into form by my intention and faith. Questioning what is manifesting is not necessary because it is me creating all of it. Therefore, in honor of growth, I am staying in the true present and I let go of outcome so all the glory of life has a place in my world. Love, Jill

12 September 2011


In doing my first two blog posts, I was working in the vein of begin, just simply and sweetly begin. Once I had posted (and a bit of vulnerability set in) I realized I need to put my mission for this blog into writing. I am here to encourage and delight, to cause a smile, to give a positive perspective and to put my energy of love and art into the world. Who knows where this blog will lead? I sure do hope you will swing by and see every now and then! Love, Jill

29 August 2011

Happiest Life

We all know the importance of how we address the Universe. Knowing that we create our existence through our words, thoughts, actions and deeds. One of the biggest things I have worked on changing in my thought process is the "if only ____ then only _____ " mantra. I realize that my best, happiest life is happening right now. Everyday is perfectly what it is supposed to be, everyday I can achieve my goals and I can love my happy, healthy existence no questions asked! Love, Jill

14 August 2011

Summertime Tomotes

Summertime has always felt utterly bountiful for me, since I can remember and before I could even put it into words. This sweet little memory of a juicy tomato is the essence of what an abundant, bountiful life is too me. Love, Jill

25 March 2011

Dear Everyone,
Welcome to my blog.
Stay tuned for the most fun possible!
Love, Jill